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1  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / Non-Woven Bags Save Million Tons of Crude Oil on: August 08, 2013, 04:49:40 am
The relevant departments of Chinese government said that with the nationwide implementation of plastic ban more than a year, because of the dropped plastic consumption, it saves the equivalent of 300 million tons of crude oil in China.

non woven bag are environmental-friendly, they are tough, durable and repeatability complex to use. They are suitable for any company, in any industry as advertising or gift purposes. When consumers do some shopping and spend, at the same time they get a fine non-woven bag, and businesses get the invisible advertising, which cause the best of both sides, so the non-woven fabric is more and more popular in the market. Beyond the initial, non-woven fabric bags’ material is also easy to break down, it is non-toxic and non-irritating with rich colors and low prices for recycling characteristics. If the material is placed outdoors 90 days, it will break down naturally and life will up to five years indoors. They are non-toxic when burning, tasteless, and without any remaining material so as not to pollute the environment, making them internationally recognized as the Earth's ecological environmental protection products.

Last June, the Chinese government implemented a nationwide ban on the use of ultra-thin plastic bags, limiting the distribution of free plastic bags in supermarkets. The move surprised so many find fault with the People's Republic of China's environmental problems, and even part of the Western countries have also adopted a similar ban.It is intensified by the "white pollution" in China, just because the Chinese consume more plastic bags than any other country.

For a country which consumes one million tons of oil each day, reduction of plastic use is a drop in the ocean. The ban is limited to supermarkets while the roadside shops still provide free plastic bags. However, with the surcharge of $0.20 for store plastic bags cost, more and more customers began to bring their own bags in Beijing and Shanghai. A year ago, the Chinese government advocated such behavior, but nobody would know.

Environmentalists Wu Dengming said: "The biggest challenge is to make the understanding of environmental issues and to raise environmental awareness, but in this regard, it slowly began to improve."The ban in the past year is announced as one of a number of small-scale and local policies in China, and these policies are designed to reduce energy consumption. However, if China wants to achieve the ambitious goal of 1/5 energy needs from renewable energy in 2020, there will be a lot of work to do.

China Non Woven Bags Co., LTD , located in China, mainly produce China non woven bags for more details please visit this site
2  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / As A Non-Woven Bags Fair Offers Budget on: August 04, 2013, 01:06:03 am
Non-woven bags usually made of strong lightweight polypropylene non-woven material and are very good grocery store trips and shopping centers, or that the matter may be anything from improvised transportation. These bags have a favorable alternative to the canvas bags, because they are inexpensive, durable and reusable, and cut the use of disposable bags. These are precisely the reason why these bags suitable for fair deals.

Exposure for specials, China non woven bags manufacturer ideal because when they are used as promotional gift items, they are very useful because they can be used to implement the articles themselves in fairs and exhibitions. At trade shows, people get a lot of other things to wear out and they did not have anywhere else to wear these things, they use non-woven bags to carry these items. There is no other promotional item that is as practical as durable as non-woven tote bags and their quality is unquestionable. They are completely to the task of any item purchased from exhibitions and fairs.

Thus, from the outset, anyone who participates in exhibitions and fairs begin to see how the bags are effective. The fact that these bags are widely used, is modern and very appropriate, makes them very attractive as trade show promotional items. These bags are used as advertising and promotion of specialties, particularly because they are unique and have a large imprint area that can be used and the visibility of the brand when it is used differently.

With increasing awareness of the environment promotional products are the non woven bag very attractive to the fairs. People's participation in trade fairs are very aware of the negative consequences that the products are ecological garden environment. Companies that promote environmentally friendly products like bags nonwovens trade show is a benefit for that reason. People who follow the environmental movement will look at these companies are strong and their hearts will be won. These people can prove to be very loyal customers and clients can bring others with them.

Non-woven bags are available in many colors and are colorful and electrifying an attractive means to promote a corporate brand and are a great gift clock that will offer a host of advertising for any business. During the show, non-woven bags really stand out when a company sets up a booth and give someone who stops at the booth. If you promote your products and services and want to give other promotional items, as well as non-woven bags, this may be ideal because it can provide bags and other promotional items and asked his stand will be happy to make bags and other promotional items. Because they are economy class and can be purchased in bulk, which are undoubtedly the best promotional items for promotions of the series.

3  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / Non Woven Bags - The Eco Friendly Choice on: July 25, 2013, 03:38:19 am
With global warming resulting to a drastic changes and inconsistencies with the weather and the climate, we are all doing our part to save Mother Earth and eventually return to the peace and balance that we used to have. One way to save our planet is to reduce the use of plastic. And when it comes to choosing the perfect corporate Business gift, eco friendly bags definitely make the cut.

Aside from being the eco friendly option, choosing a non woven bag is also a great choice when it comes choosing a corporate gifts because of the following reasons.

You can use it everyday

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to choosing the items for the corporate give away. The reason why there are so many corporate business gifts which are usually office items is because these things are used to almost every day and your clients are usually made up of yuppies or students who will definitely use them. Using bags as a corporate give aways is a brilliant idea. They can be used every day and you can also choose to store a lot of things inside it.

Clients become even happier if the company to whom they have been loyal to for so many years provides them with little gifts. It may not be used on a regular basis, but doing it once in a while can create familiarity and can also work as a great promotional item.

Great for Events as Promotional Items

Aside from being eco friendly corporate give aways, these non woven bags are also great for events! If you are hosting an event with a different companies joining in, these bags can be the media kit container or simply a bag to hold all of the brochures and leaflets that you will be collecting for the event. These bags usually have their names printed on them which serve as a great promotional items also!

They are so easy to produce and are also extremely affordable so you can create hundreds of China non woven bags without spending too much.

Other Corporate Gift Ideas

When it comes to choosing giveaways make sure that the company providing the services and the products is trust worthy and will provide only the best. Most companies would offer shirt printing in Singapore; will help you choose the best Corporate Business Gift in Manila; and even create colorful lanyards for corporate giveaways.

If you are looking for China non woven bags manufacturer then please have a look at this website
4  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / How to Recycle Paper Bags on: May 11, 2013, 09:49:16 am
Paper or plastic? We all wonder which is the more environmentally responsible choice. There are pros and cons to both materials, but the best choice is to recycle the bags. While paper is biodegradable, it takes a lot of energy and resources to make the bag in the first place. There are many useful and artistic things that you can do with recycled Paper Bag, so have fun with the kids and feel good about doing your part in recycling efforts!  Instructions:

Craft Projects

Make decorative gift bags out of recycled paper bags. Glue glossy magazine images or colorful cartoons from the Sunday newspaper to the outside of the bags. If the bag does not have a handle, make one with ribbon, lace or braided yarn.
Make paper luminaries to line the driveway or to set in a window. Gather simple cut-out designs with party or holiday themes, or draw your own. Cut the design out of one side of the paper bag using scissors. Place an electric nightlight or flameless candle inside the bag for windowsill placement, or put the bags over driveway lights. Do not use candles as that could start a fire.

Create masks with paint, markers or crayons. Kids love them. Glue on plastic beads, fake jewels, ribbon or yarn, felt, plastic eyeballs or other craft supplies. Cut holes for the eyes if the masks are to be worn, or simply hang the masks on the wall for decoration.

Practical Uses

Make a yard sign for your garage sale or lemonade stand. Slit open two paper bags. Cut away the excess paper until you have two large squares. Glue the squares onto a piece of cardboard the same size or slightly smaller than the paper squares. Write your message on bag squares with thick permanent marker (e.g. "Yummy Lemonade Sold Here"). Tape the sign to a wire sign frame.

Reuse paper bags as trash bags for recycled newspapers or other paper items.

Recycle paper bags by reusing them when you go shopping. Some stores give a discount or credit to consumers who bring their own bags. While canvas bags are popular because they are sturdier and last longer, paper bags can be reused several times, as well.

Recycle paper bags by using them to store dry, lightweight items. They line up neatly in a closet or shed, especially when the bags are all the same size.
You can also store paper bags in a recycled paper bag!

When you are looking for China Paper Bag Manufacturer customizable promotional paper bag items that are eco-friendly, please visit this site

5  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / Uses of Paper Bag on: April 10, 2013, 06:52:52 am
According to,  Americans use nearly 10 bill paper bag each year. Between 10 and 15 percent of those bag are properly recycled. Paper bag are built to be durable and most bag can be used at least 4 times for groceries alone. Unfortunately, most paper bag are tossed after a single use, even though they have a potential for a variety of other uses.

Removing Wax
•   Paper bag can be used to remove wax from certain types of fabrics, including carpets. Simply place the paper bag directly onto the wax stain, put a T-shirt over the top of the bag to prevent the bag from catching on fire and iron the T-shirt. Rotate the paper bag around until you no longer see grease spots appearing on the paper bag and voila--no more wax stain.

Book Covers
•   One of the most popular uses for brown paper bag is creating book covers. This is a great solution if you've got a lot of older children with books or college students in your home. College books are expensive protecting your investment can help the resale value. Paper bag are durable and they're made to take a beating. Plus, you can decorate them any way you'd like.

Gift Wrap
•   China paper bag are thick and great for concealing items, especially gifts. You can reuse paper bag as gift wrap. Wrapping paper can be quite wasteful, especially during holiday seasons or birthdays. Using paper bag instead of wrapping paper can help teach your kids to be more mindful of the environment. As with any paper bag project, you can easily decorate them to your liking.

•   You can use paper bag to sort your recyclables, and then recycle the paper bag while you're already at the recycling center. Sort your newspapers, magazines, glossy print pages, plastics and more into separate paper bag throughout the week before your trip to the recycling center. You can also use brown paper bag to entice earthworms to come to your compost pile. Tear the bag up into small pieces, soak in a bucket of water and then mix into your compost pile for best results. Paper bag manufacturer maximize the advancements in technology to create and produce different collections of paper bags in the market. 

If anyone wants to learn more about uses of paper bag i will suggest to visit this site
6  The Pogo Hideout / Site Feedback - Suggestions / new topic... on: June 04, 2012, 12:18:44 am
I like this post.cause this very helpful.
7  The Pogo Hideout / Site Feedback - Suggestions / Buy your restaurant chairs in keeping with the theme on: June 04, 2012, 12:16:36 am
Whether you’re looking for café chairs or restaurant furniture, location is everything. The furniture you buy should be in keeping with the location and type of place you’re hoping to open or refurnish while keeping in mind your budget and the patrons you’re hoping to attract. A small road side café is not going to attract the filthy rich or the elite and there would be no point in investing in high quality, expensive café chairs for such a place. Similarly if you wish to attract the cream of society, you’d better buck up and make sure you have restaurant chairs and other furniture that is top of the class because this type of people visit only the best places in town and that includes the furniture you have filled the place with.

A small and cheerful place can afford to come up with simple chrome chairs and bar stools in splashy colors and flamboyant designs and most people would not bother about it much if the food and drink you supply if passable. You can find some trendy looking restaurant chairs and outdoor   furniture online where you will have no problem in selecting what you want at reasonable prices.
Keep in mind that the ambience of the place matters a lot and irrespective of your restaurant being a cheerful and noisy place for the arty crowd to gather or one that has a hushed and church like atmosphere, it’s the people that matter and in order to cater to their wishes you will have to look for gaudy looking Café Chairs that are splashy and fun just like the clientele that visits it or heavy and traditional stuff to suit the somber tastes of its patrons respectively.

Outdoor chairs are something else you might want to consider when looking for restaurant furniture. Whether it’s a small place or a boutique style restaurant, having an outdoor area for customers to dine is always a good idea especially during the summer evenings when people prefer to be outside enjoying the breeze and star filled skies while sipping a glass of wine.  In such circumstances you have to ensure that the Outdoor Furniture does not deviate from the theme of your restaurant although it can be lighter and more fun with wrought iron tables and chairs that can look elegant in almost any kind of setting.

Youngsters on the other hand should never feel intimidated with heavy furniture and too much elegance which will make them run a mile away no matter how wholesome or cheap the food is. They need to feel free   and you should therefore provide them with the kind of outdoor furniture you wouldn’t mind being kicked or thrown around because the exuberance of today’s generation can make anything happen to your restaurant chairs.
By keeping these few tips and guidelines in mind you should be able to have a very successful café or restaurant where the type of people that choose to enter it will neither feel intimidated or out of place. So before you simply rush into a furniture store and start buying up the lot, draw a plan and consider your budget and think what you want to do and what type of people you would want entering the hallowed portals of your restaurant and thereafter you can decide what kind of restaurant chairs or café chairs you should buy to give credence to your theme.
8  The Pogo Hideout / Site Feedback - Suggestions / Bar stools traditional and modern and their functionality on: June 04, 2012, 12:13:44 am
Bar stools are useful items of furniture to have around the home regardless of having a wet bar or a breakfast bar in the home. They come so handy for many purposes not to mention their attractive look and functionality when you want something lightweight to sit on. One of the main advantages of the  bar stool is being able to swivel it 360 degrees around without having to turn your head and body every which way while also providing a birds eye view of the entire room in one glance.

When buying a bar stool or counter stool for your home, the first thing you must remember is the look of your home. Is it classic and traditional or modern and contemporary because the furniture you buy must suit the look. Leather bar stools are undoubtedly elegant and add a touch of class to any room and even if your stools are old, it doesn’t really matter because leather always ages well.  Traditional barstools are usually made out of woods such as mahogany and upholstered in rich leather or durable warm fabric while   modern stools have a more contemporary look with sleek hard lines and are made of chrome   or metal. 

Modern homes are ideal for metal bar stools that go with art deco paintings and whimsical furniture that look just right for the new couples that  prefer these styles to the more traditional look.  Another option is get a few Kitchen Stools or counter stools done up in bamboo which is ideal to give the kitchen or dining area a tropical look. This kind of Stool Bar goes well with cane furniture with cushions in earth colors like  rust, brown, green and gold lending undeniable charm and simplicity to any room be it a kitchen or dining room.

It’s easy to identify a modern bar stool because its  much smaller than the ones   you see in old bars and cafes.  Furthermore, most of them are made in steel or chrome and come with colorful bright seats that match the rest of the deco in the place. These are easy to clean and maintain but perhaps not as durable as those old classics we still see holding their place with pride and dignity  among all the bright and cheap stuff,  no matter how colorful they look.

There however is one advantage to the modern bar stool that’s small  in size because it occupies less space and is therefore ideal for the modern home which has little room for heavy furniture and does not in any way match the sleek straight lines of new homes.  These stools are also easy to clean and all they need is a wipe now and them to make them look good as news whereas leather and other heavy fabrics need professional cleaning to keep them looking good.

 If you’re thinking of getting a stool bar for your home, you’ll need a few stools to go with it. There’s never any trouble finding bar stools or counter stools these days, and your best option is to do your search online where you will come across many websites from where you can buy your  bar stool, kitchen stool or counter stool to suit your requirements.  Any stool that has a raising, lowering mechanism is worth the money you pay for it because this type of stool is ideal for people of different heights and for children as well.
9  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / Online Computer Stores and the convenience of shopping on: May 16, 2012, 08:20:30 am
Looking for a computer or accessories and software? Why waste time going here and there when you can buy one easily from an online computer store. There are however a few guidelines that should be followed when buying a computer online. The most important of all is to check how reputable the dealer is and how knowledgeable he is to answer the various queries you throw at him. He should be able to tell you about the security software installed in the computer and other features and components that you consider as essential for your needs.

Another important aspect of buying   computers from   computer stores online is to ensure the legality of the software that has been installed, its warranty and what type of after sales support you can expect from the dealer. You must also find out if they’re ready to repair your device if some problem occurs and if so about shipping and delivery charges etc as otherwise you might have to pay more for returning the machine and getting it back than what you paid initially when you bought it.

Don’t just go for the first computer you like at the first website you come across because the internet is chock a block with hundreds of online computer stores that can provide you with any type of computer you need at various discounts and bargain prices if you take the time to do some surfing. If you know exactly what you want, it’s a simple process to ask your favorite search engine to look up the sites that offer the best deals on the specific model you need. Out of the many results that will be displayed, you can do a comparison of prices, warranty etc. and check out if there are any special deals or discounts going on during that time.

By this time you would most probably have decided whether you want a Desktop Computer or a laptop. Your decision will be based on your age and what you use your computer for. Most people prefer Laptop Computers because of the convenience of carrying them around not to mention the touch of “whatever” it lends to their image in direct contrast to a desktop computer. As for me, (call me lame) I prefer the desktop computer because of the ease of sitting in front of it and working for a long time. The keyboard on the desktop is easier to manipulate and provides a faster speed in typing than on a laptop. 

A laptop computer is also far more expensive than your common or garden variety PC and is far more difficult to repair when something goes wrong.  Just try getting your expensive laptop repaired and you’ll know what you have to face with only the   manufacturer’s parts being compatible and if you cannot find them, you can say bye to your precious machine. A desktop can be repaired at any computer shop and it will definitely not cost an arm and a leg; although you will need more than two arms to carry it to the repair shop.

There’s as always the good and the bad in both types and it’ll be really cool if you can have both so that you use your desktop computer for real work in your home or office while you carry your fashionable laptop computer everywhere so that people know how cool you are unlike the nerds that prefer the hideous desktop computers.

10  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / Computer components that enable the performance of the entire Computer system on: May 12, 2012, 01:21:35 am
There's no doubt that computers fall into the  category of "Impossible to live without" list of electronic items in today's highly developed world of technology. Be that as it may, how many of us have any real knowledge of the inner workings of a computer;  its many components and the technology involved in bringing us  the kind of performance that we have got used to? It is important for us to have at least a basic knowledge of the components integrated into a computer, all which has to come together for the entire system to function properly.

The motherboard for instance is the soul or foundation of the computer. Simply put, everything that enables a computer to work properly  is attached to the motherboard. It provides a platform for   various other components of the computer to communicate with each other. There are different types of motherboards; classified according to their assembly known as Integrated and Non Integrated.  When components such as sound, graphics, video etc. are built into the motherboard, its called an  Integrated motherboard.  In the non integrated type, the components are fitted individually or when required,  allowing the addition of more components for greater customization such as for gaming and video presentations where high end graphic cards are required. 

On new motherboards, the sound card and the graphic card is integrated into the motherboard whereas in the older versions, the sound card had to be inserted into a slot allowing power from the motherboard to flow to the card providing sound for various applications such as audios, videos, presentations and games. The new sound card which is  a chip, has the capacity to serve as a music studio as well and can produce awesome sound quality while an external card can add to its performance.

If the motherboard is considered the soul of the computer, the RAM can be called the brain which has a vital role to play in the functioning of the computer. RAM or Random Access Memory is the component that provides the necessary data for processing and regardless of the speed of your central processing unit (CPU), it will not be able to perform at high speed unless the capacity of the RAM is large enough to support it. Unlike the sound and graphics cards, the RAM has to be installed separately, even in new computers.

Another essential component is the Graphic card, the purpose of which is to take data from the central processing unit and transform it  into pictures.  This is a complex process since Its the graphic card that decides how it can create an image from the screen pixels,  where a card with  high capacity therefore being able to create  high quality pictures. Although   new motherboards have built in graphic cards, they don't have sufficient capacity to work with modern applications resulting in the necessity of using an external card through a slot in the motherboard for  better imaging.

Now that you you have   a basic knowledge about some of the components in your computer and the specific duties they perform, you can look at your own PC  with new eyes and  understand  the extent of advancement in technology that has made it possible
for us to use computers for almost everything important in our lives.

11  Pogo Hideout General / Chit Chat / Use of Projectors, screens and accessories for work and entertainment on: May 12, 2012, 01:15:05 am
Digital technology has been greatly responsible for the invention of electronic equipment for use in our homes and offices for work as well as for entertainment.   The projector is one such piece of equipment that is put to good use today for the purpose of watching movies and slides especially in the presence of a large audience, by projecting an image on a screen in response to a signal received from a DVD player or computer.

In the early days   it was mostly used for seminars and exhibitions to project statistical data, graphs and documents etc. to make a presentation clear and visual to the audience. Today, most people use Home theatre systems consisting of a projector, and screen to view movies in the comfort of their own homes instead of going to the cinema. With different types of projectors being   available in the market, the craze for home theatres has resulted in many people being on the look out for suitable projectors and projector accessories to suit their needs and their budgets.

The most popular of them is the Front Projector which is usually placed on a shelf or mounted on the ceiling for easy viewing. It is more important however to look for a projector that is not too complicated but is of good quality as far as images and brightness is concerned. Modern projectors use technology such as LCD, DLP etc. to provide us with the best performance although they too have their own pros and cons.  One disadvantage of a home theatre projector is that it produces large pictures on the projection screen  which might not always suitable for small areas.

A projection screen has a completely blank surface which is usually white or grey. This  screen can be a permanent fixture as you see in a cinema, a painted wall or a mobile piece of equipment that is portable and can be carried anywhere for a conference or exhibition. It is important to check the size of the screen before buying since screen sizes vary from 14 inches to 15 feet and the one you choose must be in keeping with the dimensions of your room. The aspect ratio of the projection screen must also be taken into consideration with the most popular being the 16:9 compared to the normal TV screen ratio of 4:3.

Most people will not give much thought to the projector mount  which is silly because it’s the only thing that will keep the expensive equipment from crashing to the ground. The mount you choose to place the projector can be a tabletop, wall or ceiling; depending on the weight of the unit and how balanced and stable it is when mounted. The surface area of the mount must also be taken into consideration because too much surface can trap the heat and damage the equipment. If a ceiling mount is preferred, decide whether you want it flush with the ceiling or dropped down a few inches, depending on the size of the screen. 

Apart from projector mount, there are   projector accessories that come with LCD projectors. These include projector cables that enable the unit to be connected to a computer or video, projector remotes, to help screen adjustments, lenses for clearer display of images, projector lamps that are inbuilt but has to be replaced, and a projector case to store the unit when not in use. It’s up to the buyer to decide what is important and what is not.
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